Where do I register?

You can register for the 2019/2020 event from our Register Page.

Where are the competition rules?

For WSDC competitions, we follow their rules. For other competitions, see our Competition Rules page. We are a de-gendered event: you can lead or follow!

Where can I find my WSDC number?

If you're competiting in Novice Jack and Jill or above, you need your WSDC number, which can be found here.

Where is the event being held?

New Year's is at the SHERATON FRAMINGHAM HOTEL: 1657 Worcester Road Framingham, Massachusetts 01701. You can visit their website at​ or call (508) 532-1499.

Is there a "dress to impress" night?

Yes! We dress up for the dinner and show on New Year's Eve - wear what makes you feel amazing!

I'm a student: what's your College J&J age cutoff?

If you're an active college student 28 or under (with valid ID) you can register for our non-WSDC College Jack and Jill division.

I'd like to compete: do I need a weekend pass?

Yes, in order to compete you need a full weekend pass.

Can you buy dinner at the door?

No, to join us for the New Year's Eve dinner you must purchase in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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