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New Year's toast

​We would love to raise a glass with everyone at New Year's!


The holiday are a great time to be with family, and we'd love you to bring yours!

College Division Awards

We want to encourage the next generation of west coast swing dancers! Your donation will go to the prize money for the College division of Jack & Jills.

Sponsored by Jen Ferreira '18 -'19

Competition Awards

From Jack and Jills to Countdown 16, there are lots of competition placements / prize money to be given out!

Event Passes

Are you an event director or know one? There will be competitors from all over winning various competitions at New Year's; we'd love to give them a pass to your event!​


Are you a professional west coast swing instructor? Help attendees keep their resolution to train harder by donating a lesson.

1st Place Trophies

Getting money awards is always nice, but a trophy is a great way to commemorate! 

Photo Booth

We all want amazing photos, let's get an awesome setup!

Sponsored by Aaron & Elyse '19 -'20

Larger Than Life Archway

We have a HUGE arch in mind...

Sponsored by Leo & Elyse '19 -'20

Room Decorations

Centerpieces, balloons, lights...

Sponsored by Cat Miu '19 -'20


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